Thursday, February 27, 2020

Final Reflection Paper - Reflecting on Contemporary Social Issues Term

Final Reflection - Reflecting on Contemporary Social Issues - Term Paper Example Even during the 19th century blacks were treated as slaves in spite of several racist movements. This situation can be improved if the government adopts new strategies to improve the strata of the people. The political process has gone through a period of change and blacks are given equal opportunities when compared to the past. Though this seems to be a wise decision, this cannot resolve the other issues that prevail in the country. Regular people can certainly work towards ending the social injustice and they must work towards having a voice in the country’s political process. (Lassiter, 2007). To achieve this, people must involve themselves in the racist movements and organizations that fight against these social issues. Every citizen must become a member of a voluntary organization that deals with social problems. This in turn they will create an opportunity for them to participate in movements that emphasize the need of a government which eradicates these issues. They will also have an opportunity to voice out their opinions on the current political strategies and t his will certainly create a second thought in the government to include their ideas. This will even deal with intricate issues that lead to social problems. The biggest obstacles people face in order to achieve the equal society is the difference that prevails among the several strata of the people in the society. The Native Americans and blacks who migrate from other parts of the world are treated in a different manner. They are not given equal employment opportunities which create problems in their employment. Another problem is the incorporation of regulations that have been used for many decades. Since the social issues and racial problems are getting worse day by day, the government must include certain unique strategies that will deal with these prevailing

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